Traveling Around the World? Tips for Sharing Your Story

Posted on: 9 October 2020

Traveling around the world can be an exhilarating and memorable event in one's life. Being a journey that few can complete at some point, it usually becomes a story that needs to be told. Sharing one's experience with world travel is a wonderful way to not only retain the special memories for the writer themselves but also share their experiences with others who are genuinely curious about their travels. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when thinking about what to write in an autobiography about traveling the world. 

What people are often most curious about when reading a book about world travel is the landscape, both in nature and in the inhabitants. Describing in rich detail the flora and fauna of the region as well as important landmarks and areas of significance such as rivers and mountains can immediately place the reader into this new land. Allowing the reader to easily picture the clothing and attitude of the locals will also provide keen insight into each region.

For example, describing the jungle environment of the Amazon along with the long-held traditions revered by local tribes can give the reader a glimpse into a world that they may never see in their own lifetime.

Food is another topic that many would consider fascinating when it comes to world travels. The food of each unique region of the globe offers a different perspective into that region's culture, history, and customs. Being sure to include the variety of food offered in each region, it would also be pertinent to mention the traditions associated with special meals and the meaning behind them. The ceremony surrounding the cutting open of haggis in Scotland, for instance, would not only inform the reader of this specific food but the history of the theatrics and poetry behind it. Similarly, writing about traditions held such as religious services, celebrations and more intimate customs between family and friends would also provide interesting content. 

Personal insight will always be treasured by a reader of an autobiography of this nature. Not only is the reader curious about the destination itself and all that comes with it, but they would also like to know the mindset of the traveler. Being an outsider themselves, they can easily place themselves in the shoes of the traveler in this regard and feel more immersed in the stories and memories described.

Including field notes, one-on-one interactions with locals, and personal likes and dislikes of each traveled region will be of great merit to the overall composition of the autobiography in this regard. Writing an autobiography based on a trip around the world will then not only be of great sentimental value to the writer and traveler, but also to the readers who long to know the world beyond their sphere. For more ideas, start reading other autobiographies such as the My Trip Around the World book.