• 4 Math Instruction Tips For Homeschool Teachers

    Homeschooling offers many benefits for parents and children, including the opportunity to offer quality, one-on-one education that aligns with your child's interests and strengths. One challenge for homeschooling teachers, however, is that it can be tricky to teach your children subjects you are not especially strong in, and for many parents this is math. Luckily, there are strategies and tools available for homeschool teachers to teach math creatively and effectively. Here are a few ideas:
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  • Tips For Buying Desks For A School

    If you are a school administrator that is trying to decide the best type of new desk to buy for the students in your school district, you might be overwhelmed at the sheer number of options that you have. This can be frustrating because it can seem as though there is no way to choose the best desk and that it is purely up to luck. You also know that choosing a comfortable desk is important so that children are not distracted from their learning.
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