Have A Loved One Who Is A Science Nerd? Gift Ideas For You

Posted on: 28 December 2019

If you have a loved one in your life that is an absolute science nerd, you may find yourself wondering what you could possibly get them as a gift. There are many options available to you for gifts that will delight your science-loving family member or friend. Get to know some ideas that will help you out with your gift shopping and you can be sure you find something fantastic for your loved one. 

First Edition Important Books in Science

One of the coolest and most unique gifts you can get for your science-loving loved one is to purchase them a first edition copy of one of the biggest books in science. For example, you could look for a first edition copy of Pale Blue Dot by Carl Sagan. Or a first edition of Darwin's Origin of the Species. Even better, find signed copies of early editions of science-related books. 

Peruse local used and antique bookshops or go online and look at the websites of vintage bookstores. Doing so will ensure that you find something great for your loved one. 

Give Them a Trip to NASA

Another way to give your loved one a science-related gift that they will love is to gift them with a trip to NASA. Visiting NASA can be an exciting and interesting trip for anyone interested in the sciences. 

Houston's Kennedy Space Center is one of the most popular NASA locations. They have numerous attractions including a display on the race to the moon and others. And if your loved one is a child, they have special camps and educational opportunities that you could potentially sign them up for. 

Give Them a Gift of a Science Lecture or Show

Many giants in the sciences give talks, lectures, and shows for interested audiences. If you know which areas of science your loved one is interested in or you know of some of their favorite science celebrities, you can get them tickets to such an event. 

There are also science conventions and the like that you could get them passes for. This is the gift of new knowledge and a wonderful experience for your loved one. 

Give Them a Fun Science-Themed Mug

If you are looking for a smaller gift for your science-loving loved one, consider getting them a coffee mug that is science-themed. For example, they make coffee mugs that look like chemistry beakers. You can find similar items like galaxy mugs or you can design your own mug with a science-related quote or image. 

Knowing these ideas to help you find the right gift for your science-loving loved one, you can get to shopping right away. Contact book stores in your area to find Pale Blue Dot First Edition signed copies.