Library Logistics: How To Design A Home Library That Will Get Your Entire Family Excited About Reading

Posted on: 22 February 2019

With the current popularity of recreational rooms in home design, the home library appears to be a thing of the past in today's fast-paced world. Literature often takes a back seat to electronic devices and video gaming, and you may feel as if you've lost the battle when it comes to getting your family away from the enticement of the latest online game. Designing a home library may be the solution to getting your family away from their electronics and interested in literature, and it's a project the whole family can get involved with.

Make it a family project

Whether your children are toddlers or teens, it's never too late or too early to get them involved in family projects. If a child feels like their opinion matters, they are less likely to lose interest. They will enjoy being part of the excitement, from helping to plan the project to the satisfaction that comes from seeing the finished result.

Library basics

One wall of the room should be designated for floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. You will also need a sliding ladder that makes it easy to access books on the top shelves. You will want to have comfortable chairs to accommodate all family members. Small children may enjoy having their own plush rug to sit or lay on when reading.

A child-sized table with chairs makes a nice place for children to spread out large picture books or to enjoy a snack while they read. A table is also useful for displaying large coffee table books. Round tables will provide a nice contrast to the rectangle shape of the bookcases.

The natural noise reducing quality of carpet makes it a wonderful choice in flooring for a library, and neutral hues are best for walls and flooring. Adequate lighting is a must. Sheer curtains will allow plenty of natural light in during the day, and soft, non-glaring lighting is best for nighttime use.

Add books to your library over time. Shop at thrift stores, flea markets, and second-hand book stores to find inexpensive books for all members of the family. This can be an ongoing project that kids and adults will enjoy, and you can consider it a treasure hunt to add some family fun.

Framed book covers make great library décor  

Have each family member choose their favorite book. Find an image of the book cover, or take your own photo of the book, and have it enlarged to poster size. Take the posters to a professional framing service and have them framed, but make sure to allow each family member to choose the type of frame they like.

If space allows, you could assign each family member a section of a wall to display their framed book covers. Mix smaller framed covers with posters for an eye-appealing look. Change the framed covers as family members find new books that become their favorites.

Getting your family interested in books and reading doesn't have to be a daunting task. Designing a great home library and getting the whole family involved, is the first step to encouraging them to spend less time with their electronic devices and explore the wonderful world of literature.