Do You Need Better Classroom Management Skills?

Posted on: 26 September 2018

Besides the student teaching that was required for your degree, is this your first time of being a teacher in your own classroom? If so, you are probably experiencing many different emotions. On one hand, you are probably extremely happy that you will be helping to mold the lives of the children you'll be teaching. On the other hand, you might be very nervous about things like handling difficult kids. Even though you might have gone to teaching seminars and workshops during the summer months, being in the actual classroom all on your own may be more daunting than you thought it would be. From buying a classroom management textbook to talking with more experienced teachers, here are some ideas that might help you.

Buy A Classroom Management Textbook - Have you ever considered that classroom management textbooks are more than likely formulated by individuals who have spent many hours in their own classrooms? Because of their vast experiences, and because of their reputation as excellent teachers, they have probably been asked to be part of a team that puts the classroom management textbook together, using past experiences as their guide. For example, if you have an extra large class, the textbook might show you how you can divide the children into groups that include children of different learning capacities. The textbook will also probably include things like how to deal with students whose main purpose it is to disrupt the classroom. 

Talk To An Experienced Teacher - Do you have memories of a teacher that knew how to handle his or her classroom so well that each student received good attention? Is that teacher still around? It might be a high school teacher that taught you biology or an elementary school teacher that helped you to strengthen your reading skills. Think of contacting that teacher and of asking him or her to meet with you for the specific purpose of strengthening your own classroom management skills. If the teacher that you admire is no longer available, consider talking to another teacher right at your school who has the reputation of being a very good teacher and of having a well-run classroom. The principal of your school will be happy to connect you with that teacher. Before you meet, think of having your concerns and questions written down so that you won't forget any of them when you actually meet.