5 Benefits Of Using Classical Education Books Instead Of Digital Copies

Posted on: 19 August 2015

A parent that chooses to teach their child a classical education will commonly focus on core learning like grammar, basic math, and geography. Teaching tools are available digitally, but there is something different about teaching a child through an actual textbook. As you're planning out your child's learning through classical education, there are many reasons to chose a printed book over a digital one. Check out the following five benefits and use these ideas to make the best decision that fits your child's needs.

Anytime Access

A textbook truly offers anytime access to reading and learning. There is no need to worry about battery life or finding an outlet. This can truly transform your child's learning experience. For example, your child can read and learn during a camping trip, during a hike, or while on a beach vacation.

The textbook is also just the textbook. There are no pop-up notifications or distractions that will take away from your child's learning. This means that when the textbook is brought with them, you know that is exactly what your child is working on while using it.

Workbooks & Handwriting

Along with traditional textbooks, classical education supplies also give you the chance to purchase workbooks. These workbooks have many benefits, including the ability to improve handwriting. With a set line space, a child can improve handwriting by writing out their answers instead of typing them or pressing buttons. This type of work directly helps improve memory of facts, proper grammar, and formatting.

As a child gets through workbooks, it's easier to see a progress in growth for the handwriting, grammar skills, and overall performance.

Copied Pages

When you want to focus on a specific type of curriculum, classical education textbooks offer easy ways to make page copies and repeat courses. For example, if there is a specific section of text you want to focus on, you can easily make copies of the pages and then give them to the child. With the pages, the child can make highlights and reread sections. When making copies of workbook pages, children have the ability to repeat exercises so they are memorized and imprinted on the brain a lot easier.

Copied pages also make it easy for you to read along with your child. You can both read at the same time and learn with your child as they go along.

Prices & Versions

As you search for educational textbooks, you will find that there are a lot of different options to choose from. This gives you the ability to select the the ideal curriculum for your child. For example, there may be a textbook from the 1990s that focuses on geography elements that were removed from a newer version. This type of availability is a lot harder to access through digital versions. Some digital textbook downloads may update automatically, changing the original text that you wanted to use.

When you're purchasing different versions of textbooks, you also have the ability to find used options. Used textbooks offer great discounts and can give you even more knowledge without the extra costs. Taking a little extra time to shop around for the ideal books can go a long way.

Highlights & Blocked Out Sections

A lot of parents have a specific curriculum that they want their child to focus on and learn. When you order a digital textbook, all of the pages are always there to access. With a printed book, you have the ability to limit what is seen and taught to your child. It's easy to rip out pages, blacken unnecessary information, and present only the ideas that you want to teach.

Sticky notes and highlighters also give you the ability to highlight important sections that your child focuses on as they read. This allows you to customize the textbook as much as you need.

There's something special about using a traditional textbook for learning. Even if you're doubtful, you can compare the digital experience to the real book experience to see how different it is for your child.